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stainless steel outdoor cabinets

Mobile or Stationary | 316L Corrosion Resistant Stainless | 28″/34″ Deep Cabinets

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Stainless Steel Outdoor Cabinets

Your stainless steel outdoor cabinets have to do more than just store your items. They need to protect them. When rain, wind, snow, sand, dirt, and salty ocean air threaten to spoil your cabinets and the tools they contain, you can relax knowing we have anticipated such hazards. Our deep drawers and premium cabinet doors are sculpted with a rain channel designed to capture water and deter it from your outdoor kitchen essentials.

Built-In CabinetsMobile Cabinets

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outdoor kitchen pizza

Premier Outdoor Pizza Ovens

The highest standard of craftsmanship is absolutely that, our standard. Every Sloan Outdoor Fire Oven is built to a level of excellence that is unmatched in the outdoor cooking marketplace. Sloan Outdoor Kitchens took a functional approach to designing and manufacturing the largest outdoor oven in the market; encompassing only the highest quality materials, build practices, and thorough testing. The robust Fire Oven is perfect for your outdoor entertaining area and is sure to exceed the expectations of the most particular at-home chef. Perfect for a variety of culinary combinations!

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stainless steel outdoor cabinets powdercoat

Because You Like Options

Sloan Outdoor Kitchens designs and builds most everything in-house. From sophisticated burner designs to our beautiful handcrafted stainless steel outdoor cabinets, Sloan Outdoor Kitchens offers a variety of different customization treatments to cater to your hard pressed or easy-going lifestyle. Every order is custom made for our customers, ensuring that each item has been crafted with a very personal touch: made just for you. Sloan Outdoor Kitchens offers hundreds of different drawer, door, and outdoor accessory variations. With 12 custom powder coat colors, you are sure to find the look that perfects your existing outdoor space.

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